How it all began (Part 2)

So after thinking about it, we decided to take a look at teaching in Asia. This is part 2 of how we went from Alpine, Texas to South Korea.

A job with only a degree? Do tell…

So with the flyer in hand, we went down to the Education placement office to find out about what kind of jobs there were and how we could go about landing one. Turns out at the time in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan getting a teaching job was easy, and there were plenty of jobs.  All you needed was a bachelor’s degree in anything, a valid passport and a willingness to commit to a year’s contract and the job was yours. Even better was that the school would provide you with a furnished place to live and plane tickets to and from Asia. We were very interested in this, to say the least. 

The jobs paid well enough you could save money and for us given our debts from credit cards and student loans that looked promising. The actual teaching load was actually only 30 hours a week which compared to a 40-hour grind here sounded nice. Our families thought we were a little crazy but for us that was normal. They thought it was crazy to be out in small-town West Texas for grad school, now head to Asia? 

Research, Research, Research

So we started the process of looking into things and eventually given the money, low cost of living we settled on teaching in South Korea and began our research and started making phone calls.  This included a lot of expensive overseas calls as there was no such thing as Skype. Also, the internet was just becoming popular so not a lot of information was available online, unlike today.  The person in the placement office, a grad student there was also looking at Korea and found the name of a recruiter based in Portland Oregon, Korea Services Group who placed people in private language institutes (known as hogwons in Korean) in the southern part of South Korea. He thought they were a great and advised us to contact them

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