Meet Granger

Mister Granger

I’ll return to how the story of how my now ex-wife and I wound up in Korea back in 1996, but first let me introduce Granger my cat and the story of the greatest souvenir of my travels.

My friend Sandra has an interior design blog and she asked people to post about how they decorate their places with travel souvenirs. So here is my story.

I lived in South Korea for 15 years, China for a year and a half, during that time I traveled throughout Southeast Asia. I have picked up a number of interesting souvenirs throughout that time that has decorated the places I’ve lived in. But, the best souvenir I have in my house is the one I picked up in China last year. My cat Granger.

I was wandering around downtown Chongqing one Saturday afternoon and I saw all these very cute kittens and dogs on a street that I thought was for adoption. I did a little research and found out it wasn’t a humane society; rather these were puppy and kitten mills selling them. Via some friends on WeChat, I was put in contact with a group that fosters and adopts pets in Chongqing. Next thing I know, somebody had a cat that needed a home and four days later, Granger, as I decided to name him, was mine.

We have been through a lot in the past eighteen months. First, he had to spend a week in the hospital with an intestinal blockage which was touch and go. We then moved to Shanghai for 6 months and in February came to my present home in Raleigh. Granger loves his new home and being a friend to my 2 adorable nephews. Yeah, he is definitely the best souvenir I ever got.

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