Welcome to my site!!!! You may wonder what Mid Life ESL means. Well while I was in China over the past 2 years teaching, I discovered there were a lot of people my age (40 something +) teaching. Yet in terms of information that would help older teachers overseas, there was very little information available. Things like health insurance for older teachers that go beyond what most employers provide was either hard to find or geared toward expats whose companies were footing the bill for them. Also, issues like how to collect a pension, how being overseas affected U.S. Social Security benefits, saving for retirement again were hard to find.

Also, I got older that I began to hold less and less in common with my fellow (and younger) teachers. I began not to want to go out every weekend and get drunk, club/bar hop etc. with my colleagues. After my divorce, I also found it hard to find people to socialize with around my age as I had no interest in much younger local people or younger expat teachers. My social life went to virtually zero.

I returned to the U.S. this past February and started substitute teaching and discovered something new. I would talk to teachers about my experiences overseas and discovered a huge interest in them in maybe getting out of the schools here and going overseas. Finally, I learned that being older person age discrimination was becoming more of a problem.

That’s where Middle Age ESL comes in. I have several goals for this site. First is to provide teachers in the United States information on teaching opportunities overseas. Second I plan to provide mid-life teachers with information that is specific to the mid-life teacher like healthcare, pension, and lifestyle issues. Finally to provide teachers who interested in returning home information on what may await them. There will be things like comprehensive ESL country guides, travel tips, savings information. All focused on the older teacher.

Mid Life ESL is going to be your information source about the issues in order to make your life as a mid-life teaching overseas career better.